We've all been there, in the shop, sales assistant looking on grimly. Those boots are NOT going to fit, she thinks rather loudly, as she watches us struggle to get the zip done up. Begging our calf muscles to breathe in. Not going to happen, they won't even close past my lower calf! How embarrassing. Are my calves really that big??

The simple answer is NO. They're not that big. And guess what? You're not alone. Millions of women worldwide are frustrated with the standard sizes of calf widths for women's boots. They just don't fit, simple as that. So why, you may ask, is there not an alternative? Well there is hope on the horizon, slowly wide calf boots for women are making themselves known. They're sneaking into the market but they can be very hard to find. But keep looking, and keep asking for them, its the only way we can evolve...